Here you will find various links to resources that you can use to further feed your curiosity into the world of blockchain technology. I used to have the "Holy Trinity" of Bitcoin blockchains here, even though personally I am unapologetically in love with the BitcoinSV blockchain. Over the course of this year, BitcoinSV project has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the real deal. Don't get me started about the fun stuff we can now put on chain with Bitcoin (but only with the Satoshi Vision blockchain).

BitcoinSV Wallets & Services

  • HandCash - Wallet only for Bitcoin SV. Their user '$handles' are a must have. For example, my handcash handle is $alexcrypto. Users can send each other SV using only the HandCash $handle.
  • ElectrumSV - Wallet for Bitcoin SV
  • CentBee - Wallet for Bitcoin SV. Allows you to send BSV to anyone in your phone contact list.
  • Coinomi

For On-Boarding New Users

  • BitcoinSV Public Faucet - Need some change to try out a feature? Try the public BitcoinSV faucet. Send some BSV to your own wallet or a money button to try out a feature.

Bitcoin SV Protocol Libraries

Developing on Bitcoin SV

Important BitcoinSV Social Media