Where can I start buying Bitcoin SV?

If you live inside the United States like I do, then due to the immaturity of the regulatory system we have, there really aren't that many options when it comes to exchanging your fiat for some Bitcoin. Although at the moment, pretty much all the major exchanges in the western world will only let you purchase the competing two out of the three Bitcoin blockchain projects. They are Bitcoin (BTC or sometimes called Bitcoin Core) and BitcoinCash (BCH). The most popular company online to offer cryptocurrency purchases and sales is Coinbase. Coinbase.com is usually the first stop of anyone just entering the space for the first time. Much like I did when I first started trading cryptocurrency.

There are currently no exchanges I know of that allow for direct purchases of Bitcoin SV (BSV or sometimes even listed under the ticker BCHSV). There are ways to buy BSV with cash in South Africa using the CentBee wallet. Users can top up in certain shops where they receive a paper receipt with a QR code on it (a private key). 

Even worse there are so many entities directly in competition with BSV that their fear of the Bitcoin SV chain has caused them to collude together to delist Bitcoin SV by having frivolous "community polls", not on their platforms like they usually do with community polls but on twitter, asking just about every troll, even ones that dont use their platform whether they should delist Bitcoin SV. Exchanges such as Binance, which have the highest amount of "sh!tcoins" and ICO activity within the US, led the charge against the Bitcoin SV chain. So I will recommend only exchanges that support the ORIGINAL vision for Bitcoin and not the hijacked version they call BTC. 

There are also non-exchange based solutions such as ShapeShift.io which also delisted Bitcoin SV. You can however use Changelly.com or an even newer service SimpleSwap.io.

Although our ultimate goal is to be able to top up your Bitcoin SV directly from your wallet, bypassing the crooked exchanges altogether. There is also a Bitcoin SV native platform just about ready to be launched called FloatSV. Should be up around April 19, 2019 and it will use BSV as the base pair, instead of BTC.

How do the basics work?

You can link up your debit card or bank account and begin purchasing crypto on sites like KuCoin or even Coinbase. Until the FloatSV exchange is up and running, you will unfortunately need a base pair cryptocurrency to purchase BSV with. FloatSV with use BSV at the base currency instead of BTC. On KuCoin you are able to use a credit or debit card to purchase BTC. You can then buy the BitcoinSV BSV coin with it.

TIP: On Coinbase, when using a Bank account to buy cryptocurrencies, you may not be able to transfer your Bitcoin (meaning moving it off Coinbase) for at least 5 days while the payment 'clears'. You can avoid this by either having a USD balance in your Coinbase account preemptively or simply using your debit card for the purchase. You will then be able to transfer your coins off the Coinbase platform and into a different exchange or an offline wallet. It's better to just save time and buy it directly on KuCoin saving asset transfer costs from incurred fees from Coinbase.