There has been so much development in Bitcoin SV (BSV) space in the last couple of months, that it is becoming overwhelming just keeping track of everything and working full-time. It seems as if in the past, I was always waiting endlessly for news about new features or development statuses from so-called blockchain teams that never really came to fruition. The rate of progress for BSV is so fast and furious, that it makes me feel as if I am working full-time, on the side, whilst I pursue my passions for Bitcoin.

Since the delistings, some people have said that Bitcoin SV will be doomed and that those de-listings were the final nail in the coffin for BSV. They were sadly mistaken... again. 

Like mushrooms sprouting in the night after a rainstorm, new exchanges popped up, founded by smart entrepreneurs who capitalized on the opportunity. Seeing the immense future potential of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, which is running the only TRUE implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, they squeezed the trigger and executed. 

We now have a second cryptocurrency exchange that is launching Bitcoin SV as base pair currency on their exchange. The first exchange, FloatSV, made that announcement during the de-listing drama a few months back. This new exchange that is following suit is called BitMesh. 

Admittedly the volume in BitMesh the exchange is still low. It is a new exchange and I give them respect (just like I did with FloatSV) for not resorting to wash trading to make their volume numbers look more favorable to traders, on sites like 

Personally speaking, I support all sites and businesses that support the Bitcoin SV blockchain or it's partners such as Tokenized.

The BitMesh exchange site utilizes a nice design and layout with an integrated TradingView charting engine (a preferred charting tool by many in the space). Mobile trading apps are also on offer, so you can trade on the go. APIs are also available for anyone looking to integrate their third party trading tools. 

BitMesh also features an OTC (over-the-counter) trading section for people looking to purchase large amounts and not loose money to slippage.  Other features such as margin trading are not available yet but may be added to the platform in the future. 

Either way, I am happy to see Bitcoin SV being adopted and slowly but surely, being recognized as the only true Bitcoin protocol implementation in the space. And that feels extremely exciting!