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Seems like BitcoinCash, in their rush to outcompete the all mighty Craig Wright has rushed some bad upgrades into service with their latest hardfork which the BitcoinCash (BCH) blockchain has just underwent.

Immediately something was up. The block explorer started showing miners adding blocks to the chain with only 1 transaction or even empty. It seems at this time that only the BitcoinCash ABC nodes are affected and NOT Bitcoin Unlimited implementations. Bitmex research commented on the matter on twitter..

Steve Shadders of Bitcoin SV (BSV) has joked on twitter about the matter..

One observant reddit user by the name of '
cryptos4pz' has floated the following theory:

I'm guessing this is related to the Schnorr change. This is only speculation, but my guess is there is some bug in how BitcoinABC nodes are validating transaction signatures. It could be that valid txns appear invalid. With a large part of the network running nodes that can't validate txs, as a miner the most rational thing to do is truncate all txs and forward blocks empty so as not to miss the reward. Rational miners running any software would do this.
I would note, if this is true, such truncating behavior would happen if such a bug was in any software version. Software bugs happen. It's the nature of development.
If I'm right the best course of action is have miners switch to the unaffected node software version. Otherwise txs will back up to 32MB blocks as nobody will be willing to risk putting out a full block, which could also split the network.

Other reddit users as were beginning discussion on the matter as it unfolds. You can see more here

Some others tried to insinuate that Bitcoin SV will suffer from the same issue since they are similar in many ways. But a BSV developer who run the Bitcoin & Beyond YouTube channel quickly pointed out.. 

I will keep posting updates on the matter to this page as they come in, so stay tuned if you are interested in the topic.