Float SV has been one of the strongest allies and supporters of Bitcoin SV (BSV) in the cryptocurrency exchange space, going as far as to launch a brand new exchange ahead of time during the Binance, Kraken & Shapeshit.io exchange de-listing drama (Yes, that is a typo but I did it on purpose). Since then FloatSV went on to offer Bitcoin SV (BSV) as a base currency pair on their exchange and more recently de-listing some BTC trading pairs due to low volume. Name me another crypto exchange that is honest about their trading volumes? Exactly.

To show their support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) and its' blockchain technology, FloatSV has now introduced the 'Zero Mining Fee' policy. Their team has stated on their site that they will be reimbursing their user's Bitcoin SV (BSV) transfer fees from withdrawals. The posted the following on their website;

We are pleased to introduce BSV Zero Mining Fee Program for all customers at Float SV. The program will be effective as of 2019/04/24 4:00 PM (UTC) and run until at least the end of 2019.
When requesting withdrawals, customers will be first charged with the standard 0.00005 BSV per transaction. All withdrawal fees will then be reimbursed to customers’ Float SV accounts in BSV on a weekly basis. Withdrawal fees of last week will be settled before 10:00 AM (UTC) every Wednesday.
This is another amazing step towards the bright future of Bitcoin SV. I can't wait to see more amazing things to come.