If you didn't know already, you will after reading this article. This year will be filled with wonderfully entertaining happenings if you are a Bitcoin SV enthusiast. For us, it is not about proof because we are already sure that Dr.Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto. This is more about proving a point and getting everyone to unify around the man that started it all for entire crypto space.

A few months ago CSW wrote  about the case against him brought by the estate of Dave Kleinman. Dr.Craig S. Wright's supporting partner during the invention of Bitcoin. Dr.Wright often stated that Dave Kleinman had helped with the coding, since he was admittedly better at coding that Dr.Wright.

The discovery phase of this case has begun and the latest transcript of which, can be found here. Dated March 17, 2019 this transcript reveals some very interesting things. Foremost, stuff like this definitely jumps out and grabs my attention;

JUDGE: Is it Dr. Wright's position that he did or did not have some collaboration with Mr. Kleiman -- collaboration, not partnership; so I am going to be very careful -- collaboration with Mr. Kleiman in the development of Bitcoin? 

The attorney on the record for the defendant (Satoshi Namoto himself, Dr.Craig S. Wright) went on to answer the Judge on the case: 

MS. MCGOVERN: It is Dr. Wright's position, your Honor, that Dave Kleiman assisted in editing the protocol related to Bitcoin but did not create Bitcoin.

Statements such as are setting the internet abuzz:

Your Honor, the plaintiffs have alleged that in circa 2008 the defendant and Dave Kleiman partnered, and I understand that is a disputed term, to create Bitcoin, then mine Bitcoin, and then create Blockchain-based intellectual property. 

The name of that partnership, the plaintiffs havealleged, is the -- it was Satoshi Nakamoto

This case is just starting down in Florida, so there is a lot more information to be revealed. This transcript is only one day in a long series of discovery and trial dates, for a case that is now over 6 years old. This case seems to be playing out in protracted fashion due to slow rate of document production by the Kleinman estate's legal team.

MS. MCGOVERN: The reason that we ask for this, your Honor, is because we have a bulk of documents that we have received which should never have been a priority from Ira, including junk mail, Craig's List, CoRA Forum, things that are not helpful. We don't have any relevant documents from Dave's devices at this stage in the litigation.

 Some of the juiciest documents which would include things such as e-mail,  iCloud, email and other electronic devices. The judge went on to credit Dr.Wright's legal team with their straightforward and honest approach to the case. The judge stated:

THE COURT: OK. Let me, first of all, kudos to the defense for turning it over. Let's start with that. They didn't know about it, but they turned it over anyway. So let's give credit where credit is due.

This is all simply incredible. All of this is sworn testimony and REAL discovery documentation. For example, look at this gem:

The e-mails -- these are three e-mail addresses that were known to be controlled by Satoshi Nakamoto or, as the plaintiffs would say, by the Satoshi Nakamoto partnership. The individuals who had access to that -- so there are two reasons why this is relevant. The first is, plaintiff has the burden to prove that the association of the Satoshi Nakamoto partnership was an association of co-owners of the business for profit.

This proves that Dr.Wright had a hand in Bitcoin's creation and when the rest of the case files come to light, concrete proof for all the non-believers will be available for the whole world to see. Dr.Craig S. Wright is the main creator of Bitcoin. "Full stop" 

P.S. - Lying in court is called perjury and it is a crime. If Craig Wright was NOT Satoshi he would be perjuring himself and that is clearly not the case. The man is Satoshi. So sorry to those for whom he is not who they imagined in their minds.