This week had everyone on the edge of their seats, with exchanges conducting twitter polls and delisting the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain from their platform. The true enthusiasts and believers in the original Satoshi vision, which now lives through the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, were not phased. 

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has the fastest rate of development I have ever seen in the space (and the original Bitcoin protocol which is currently not followed by BTC). The Bitcoin SV project is focused on enterprise usage and massive scaling in order to achieve true global adoption through usage and utility.

When the exchange Binance fired the shot across the bow so to say at Bitcoin SV (BSV) by delisting Bitcoin SV, other exchanges such as Kraken, BitForex (whoever the hell they are) and followed suit by conducting fraudulent "community polls" on Twitter. The whole thing smelled of collusion.

Why do I refer these polls as 'fraudulent'? Well, because normally when entities like Kraken do a "community poll" they do so on their own platforms. In this instance they were polling trolls, people who don't trade and bots on twitter. On top of that, a lot of the people polled were not users of those exchanges. And on top of that, it's very easy to buy votes, followers or whatever else you need to make your twitter profile do, say or reflect what you want.

These moves, such as conducting twitter polls were done presumably as cover against charges of market manipulation. The irresponsible and hostile actions by Binance and Kraken have caused instability in the price of BSV and it dropped by $27, from $70 to $53. This constitutes nearly a 24% drop in the price of the Bitcoin SV (BSV). 

Bitcoin SV supporters fired back, moving the launch date of a new crypto exchange called FloatSV forward. It has since launched and has committed to using BitcoinSV (BSV) as a base currency on their platform. As somewhat of a middle finger to the haters, the first pairing listed on the platform is BCH/BSV. The price has since rebounded almost 15% overnight. 

The Bitcoin SV team has also stated multiple times that the ultimate goal would be for users of the cryptocurrency to be able to top-up BSV directly from their wallets. This is still some time away, although with the rate of progress being simply dumbfounding, it cant be that far away from now. I wake up every day to some new protocol, utility, application or service. No other chain comes close.

Since that day exchanges such as BitForex have backtracked on their initial threat to delist the Bitcoin SV chain from their platform. They now say they won't listen to twitter trolls and will keep BSV. But the (really temporary) damage has been done. Personally, I think the initial delisting threat was a publicity stunt to get their company name talked about, discussed and even to be hailed as heroes by some clueless twitter trolls.

To be honest, I thought that all their delistings would have a much larger effect than what was observed. This only goes to show that either their volume isn't as large as they let on or the true demand for BSV is growing much quicker than we realize. Either way, when the truth is on your side and when you fight dirty tactics with honest, organic development, you will eventually win.

P.S. I updated the 'Trading Bitcoin' section of the website to denote where you can buy BSV and which exchanges are haters and are against the original Bitcoin protocol rising from the ashes.