In a big move, a fintech company by the name of Zeux is aiming to allow Bitcoin SV (BSV) holders to spend their BSV like they normally would on any given day with standard payment methods. Zuex at its' core, crudely speaking, is a wallet service. But it is a very advanced wallet service that works in part with their Point of Sale system and also has financial services features attached to it. Zuex does not charge fees for it's wallet service or any transaction fees. 

Launched in 2018 the service offered different financial services to its users such as secure KYC service. This allowed Zuex users to retain control of their private keys for their personal data vault (which they also provide). Zuex also allows for the opening of multiple financial accounts on the blockchain, with fully verified KYC information. This is what allows seamless integration with their Point of Sale systems.

“We offer services in both crypto in fiat, we give users a way to pay crypto on the fly, in shops directly to POS machines by instant conversion so there will be no more waiting, no more questions whether the merchant accepts cryptos, you can pay anywhere you want.”

Zuex also offers their users access to multiple investment products in one well designed and aggregated platform. It is the first investment platform offering crypto fund products such as an app-native investment platform and a foreign exchange function with Bitcoin SV (BSV) integrated for payments. 

The part that makes this partnership the most exciting is the fact that Zuex is not just small fintech company whose only payment channel is their Point of Sale system. In fact, Zuex has the industry's best and most popular payment channels such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and even Samsung Pay, to channel your Bitcoin SV payments through. To learn more about how it works, I suggest checking out their website.

With Zuex now adding Bitcoin SV (BSV) to their financial instrument portfolio, this takes the Bitcoin SV project one step closer to global mainstream adoption and allows anyone to spend their fiat and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin SV (BSV) anywhere where those payment systems are accepted.