As an IT specialist, there is not much these days that really excites me. It's not like it was in the early days. In the mid to late 90's there was so much raw innovation. Many things in the space were brand new at the time and that's what made it exciting. The sense of community in the forums and online bulletin boards was also something special. People were working together to figure stuff out and pushing the envelope with what could be done within that web browser screen. 

I was in my high school years when I had decided in my heart that I really wanted to work with computers for the rest of my life. Although my curiosity with computers went even further back than that. In fact, one of my middle school computer science teachers told my parents at the time (during parent teacher conferences) that "He may be the next Bill Gates someday. He is very good with computers." 

I guess I was lucky in some respects. You see, my family moved to the United States from rural Russia. Although there was massive poverty and life was absurdly hard (if you didn't grow the food yourself, you didn't have any for the winter), somehow the town school did somehow manage to have computers in one classroom. The magic of socialism I suppose. These computers were the units which had green and black CRT screens with the keyboard built into it, as one single unit. This was the late 80's Russian school tech. Command line only. 

Needless to say, American tech was much more advanced. When my family emigrated to the US, I was captivated by all this new tech. We joined the American way of life in 1995, arriving in Brooklyn, New York to join other member of the family already living here. I still remember the excitement in my young heart. Everything was so new, especially to me. We went from not having anything, to now having access to pretty much anything we wanted if we worked hard enough. 

America is where I got my first taste of the internet. This was around the time when AOL (America On-line) was the dominant internet service provider. Windows 95 was being released and it's predecessor, Windows 3.1, seemed as advanced as a calculator watch, in comparison with the new Window 95 release. 

Around then, is when I began dabbling with web design and development.  I was also really into skateboarding at the time and wanted to make a website where I could post up images and videos of me, my friends and other famous skaters doing dangerous stunts. Although at the time, to do anything with video online was nearly impossible due to bandwidth restrictions. DSL (ISDN) internet usage was also exploding then, as people were making the switch from the slow 56kpbs dial-up modems, to the faster DSL service or the super-expensive cable modems. 

This was an exciting time. I could read between the lines of current events that this would be the future and that I wanted to be part of that future. I was learning as much as possible during my free time. Lucky for me, my parents were both going to school to take programming and digital design classes in order to get better jobs and be better providers for the family. Due to that, we did have a family PC at home.

That PC was the spark that started my current IT career today. I broke that PC experimenting, many times and learned how to fix it before my dad got home to yell at me. That taught me a lot! That was the PC I made my first websites with, even before CSS was popular. In fact, I even learned CSS on that PC as well. I learned Macromedia Flash animation and Action Scripts on that PC. I learned programming with Visual Basic with that PC. I was addicted to learning something new that not a lot of other people knew. 

I was so excited to see all this new stuff being developed and the only way to learn it was to get hands-on with it. You had to go to the forums and ask. You had to hope someone knew the answer and could help, since everything was so new. You had to experiment and to fail numerous times before you finally figured out how to code something with the proper syntax. There weren't many answers out there, since many of these things were new to everyone. That has slowly died down over the next 20 years. Until now that is.

Bitcoin and specifically Bitcoin SV has brought back that excitement that I've felt 20 years ago, when everything was brand new to everyone. Don't get me wrong, I've loved the concept of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since I first heard about them. The whole concept seemed so futuristic. However, until now, the Bitcoin world and the world of web designers and developers have been on mostly separate planes. Bitcoin Core team (BTC) did not want data on their chain and opted instead for small blocks and nodes that can be operated from home by mom and pop or their teenage kids.

Bitcoin SV has forever changed this. Now the world of web developers and designers has become exciting again.  By restoring the magic of Bitcoin protocol's 'op_return' feature (a built in programming language) it unleashed an atom bomb of creativity in both the blockchain space AND the web development space. People are again pushing the envelope, trying new things, sharing knowledge there isn't much information on. New technologies are being created at a parabolic pace on Bitcoin SV and its MetaNet project. 

Web developers and designers can now create websites that are not hosted by a server. That's right, no web host. For simple websites this means websites with 100% uptime that can't be destroyed or censored. Someone (@_unwriter I believe)  even invented an on-chain server-less API protocol, which is always there, distributed for the whole world to use. So now, we have the main things we really needed to start creating something new and amazing. 

  • We have a way to store HTML, CSS, JavaScript on chain
  • We have a way to store images and video on chain
  • We have a way to store encrypted data on-chain (like databases)
  • We now ways to add monetization to previously unmonetizable or hard to monetize aspects of a website (pay per login, pay-to-access, many people chipping in together to unlock something, etc. Possibilities are endless) 

If that doesn't excite you, then I dont know what will. Never did I think that I would be able to create a website on the Bitcoin blockchain but I can. To stress, you can't do that with BTC. BTC is no longer Bitcoin. When you fundamentally change the Bitcoin protocol (as outlined in the whitepaper) you have something that is not Bitcoin. When you attach Segregated Witness (SegWit) you have something that is not Bitcoin. When you cap the maximum block size to 1Mb and talk about reducing them even more to 310Kb, you are not Bitcoin. When you completely remove 'op_return' and disable the Bitcoin programming language, what you wind up with, after all of that, is not Bitcoin. 

The only true Bitcoin chain in existence today which has it's last checkpoint block all the way back at the genesis block is BSV or Bitcoin SV. The only one that conforms with every aspect of Satoshi Nakamoto's original Bitcoin white-paper, is the Bitcoin SV (BSV) variant of the chain. 

BTC forked off the original Bitcoin protocol several years ago by adding SegWit but keeping the 'Bitcoin' name and the ticker 'BTC'.  Since that SegWit fork, 'Bitcoin Cash' was closest to the original Bitcoin protocol until they also forked off Bitcoin back in November 2018, by adding 'checkpoints' to the blockchain and adding the 'Wormhole' protocol for private transactions (none of which are in the whitepaper). 

The remaining 'legacy chain' which has none of the extra whitepaper additions or subtractions that the other two forks have, now goes by the name of Bitcoin SV. Plus the remaining 'legacy chain' goes all the way back to the Bitcoin genesis block. Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) is the REAL Bitcoin. Most people do not understand this but it's reality. The things you can now do on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain are INCREDIBLE.

If you are a web designer or web developer I really urge you to try it for yourself. Put aside your angst and unfounded hate for a bit and take a look.  We can already do all of these incredible things (on-chain) and it's only been 3-4 months since Bitcoin Cash forked off the Bitcoin protocol allowing devs to help build the Satoshi Vision with the legacy chain. Just check it out, what do you have to loose? These four links below should be enough to get you started and prove that the original Bitcoin protocol is far more powerful than you were originally led to believe. Isn't it ironic, that the so-called 'legacy chain' is far more powerful in potential than the other two chains combined? (see diagram below)

BitDB Network - Infinite Immortal API over Bitcoin
Bitcoin Websites - Hostless Websites hosted on Bitcoin SV chain
Apps on Bitcoin Docs - Create web apps with Bitcoin
MoneyButton - Has good API and code to get your data on-chain

BSV Developer Telegram Chat -