Right now is one of the most exciting times in the Bitcoin space. With the three main Bitcoin chains competing for supremacy, only one can can come out on top to take the crown as the one true Bitcoin. Which one will it be though? I think you probably can guess my personal stance on this, as you can already tell by the theme of my website. I wouldn't call myself a BSV or Bitcoin maximalist but more of a 'Bitcoin Purist' as I like to say. I (like many others) believe in the unmolested version of the Bitcoin protocol, untouched by the sticky fingers of shadow bankers posing as grassroots enthusiasts and developers. But if they believe in Bitcoin so much, why do they strangle its' potential? 

Many in the Bitcoin Core (BTC) community fail to step away from the BTC parrot colony for a little while and take a true objective look at what is going on in Bitcoin and the wider crypto space in general. If they did, they would see much like I did, that "The Day of Wreckoning" is coming to an exchange near you. 

There are three major reasons why I say this, all of which may just happen at some point later this year. All of these events, in my view, will have a major impact on the crypto space if they were to indeed unfold. And I am not just talking about the impact on the competing Bitcoin blockchains but on the broader crypto space in general.

The first of these events you may have already heard plenty of debates about. I am talking about SegWit (short for Segregated Witness). SegWit was a protocol added to the Bitcoin Core (BTC) blockchain in August of 2017. What SegWit basically does on a blockchain is remove some signature data from Bitcoin transactions. This was supposed to make extra space for transactions in a block. However, if Bitcoin (BTC) 'Corers' really wanted to fit more transactions in a block, why would they instead limit the block the block size to 1Mb? This is akin to attaching a garden-hose to a firetruck and then attempting to put out a large petrochemical plant fire with it. It's almost as if there was another agenda at play.

This is where I go back to what Dr.Wright stated numerous times via his social media profile on twitter. He never really went into details but did mention the SegWit flaw for quite some time now, but never specifying the type of flaw it is. 

So what I don't do is assume that the flaw in SegWit is just code based (or only code-based). Maybe the potential the fatal flaw is more of a legal one than an algorithmic one? Either way, people have been talking about it and what the flaw could be. 

What the majority of people (I hope) can agree on is, IF the fatal flaw in SegWit is indeed that critical to the viability of BTC then surely, if it continues to go undiscovered by the Bitcoin Corers and then comically exposed to the world by CSW in a troll-like fashion, it has the potential to sink if not implode BTC.

Now, I get to the number two potential fulcrum point of chaos for Bitcoin Core and their bag-holders. Opposite of my previous point, this one is not a mystery and in fact, will be extremely well documented. For my number two point, I am referring to the US Court case against Dr.Wright by the estate of Dave Kleinman. Dave Kleinman (as Dr.Wright himself stated numerous times) was very close with Dr.Wright and worked with him to help with the development of Bitcoin protocol code. 

What's cool about court cases is the fact that everything is sworn to under oath with the penalty of perjury if there is a lack of candor (fancy lawyer speak for 'you are full of shit and you lie'). Then there is the discovery part too, where we should see some interesting documents entered into into the record as evidence. Dr.Craig S. Wright has went on record to say that he would not be against swearing under oath that he is indeed the man behind the monicker, Satoshi Nakamoto.

I am sure there are people out there that will never be convinced even if the truth was to smash straight into their face, like a whipped creme pie thrown at them by a clown. But for those more reasonable, this event (if it unfolds the way I think it will) will indeed be another key chapter and footnote in the full Bitcoin story and will surely cement Dr.Wright in his rightful place in the space, as Satoshi. BSV will see new levels of acceptance by both the market and businesses, growing its' value in the process. Don't think it's that out of the realm of possibilities. 

Last but not least and also rooted in law, is the cloud of uncertainty and blatant disregard looming over the alt-coin space. What I am taking about is the broad range of blockchain patents authored by Dr.Craig S. Wright and others members of the nChain group. Some blockchain projects have been called out by name. 

Take EOS for example, when Dr.Wright went to point out the fact that laws exist and must be followed, he received a lot "Faketoshi" nonsense from the EOS fanboys along with a bunch of other over-used talking points they got from the Bitcoin Core (BTC) community that they like to parrot around themselves.

Dr.Craig S. Wright and nChain in general, have a huge intellectual property portfolio. I even included some of them at the bottom of this article. Plus they have stated that they are not playing around. They do indeed plan to go after the patent violators in the second half of 2019. I believe this will be the third piece in the holy-trinity of BSV's Attack Moves to begin taking it's rightful throne as the one and only true Bitcoin. 

The holders of BTC and other alt-coins are acting cocky and confident now, thinking their "Faketoshi" attacks are somehow affecting Bitcoin SV's (BSV) progress or somehow demoralizing Dr.Wright or BitcoinSV enthusiasts (or Bitcoin purists as I like to call them now). 

My belief is all three of these events will probably be spaced within the 'near-term' from each other. This way a one, two, three knockout combo of devastating news would hit the SegWit scam-coin, known currently as Bitcoin (BTC). So, let us see how fast their cockiness turns into panic, when these three events begin to unfold and they can't dump their BTC bags fast enough and get REKT! Just don't say we didn't try to warn you.

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All opinions in this article are my own and do not reflect those of nChain or Dr.Wright. The information in this article is speculative 
(much like BTCs existence). I am not an investment advisor and this is not be taken as investment advice. Just food for though.