It is getting really hard to even keep up with all the developments. I always seem to miss something here and there, it is all coming so fast. just launched its' YouTube style video streaming platform powered by Bitcoin (Bitcoin SV or BSV that is) called 'Streamanity'.

The Streamanity platform is lets anyone upload a video to the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain for a small fee and then be able to make money with it by having people tip you or pay to watch the content you create. This is a new economic paradigm, forming right under the noses of the Bitcoin Core and BitcoinCash communities. 

It's very easy to get started. You can begin with a Google or Twitter account (which is what I did). Once you authorize the app in Twitter (or google) using the pop-up box that should come up, you'll all set up. It only takes a few seconds from start to end.

The Streamanity platform has the HandCash app integrated it. This means that you can use your HandCash handle on the platform (for example, mine is $BecauseBitcoin). This is very easy and is done by scanning a QR code. If you don't have one a HandCash handle, no sweat. They even start you off with a completely free $2 promotional credit to upload data to the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Not sure how long that will last but it is sweeeet.

I tried uploading a video myself. The interface is neat and uncluttered with a minimalistic, light feel to it. A couple of things were confusing though. Now, my video was not that long. Only 13 seconds in fact and it cost me $0.05 cents to upload it. At least I think that is what the slider was about, however it could have been the cost of letting people watch it? It's hard to tell since there is no help or info-bubble anywhere. 

I assumed it was the cost to upload and pressed on. It also would have been useful to recommend what an average fee size for the file would be. Based on my Bitstagram escapades, five cents seems a bit too low for a video file. Either way, the site seems to be stuck at the moment of this article anyways. Hitting publish makes the button's wait icon spin around a few times and stop, with nothing happening thereafter. I am assuming that is due to the user quantity at the moment trying to upload stuff. So, there are still a few things to iron out but Im sure that will smooth over by tomorrow. 

This upload can pay for itself if people decide to tip after they have enjoyed watching the video. The whole system seems to work perfectly since users will be incentivized to produce valuable content that people will enjoy and hopefully cause them to part with some of their money by tipping you.

Check it out for yourself at