Since the very first introduction of XRP to the early 'crypto-sphere' forums, during those days when it was first called Ripple (and then Ripple XRP), XRP has long been the focal point of many heated arguments and debates about its long term viability. Some have even demonstrated that it is not a real blockchain. Since then, XRP had grown into somewhat of a phenomenon and now has some of the most die hard 'fan-boys' (internet slang for a certain type of retail investor that is usually new and very vocal) and it also has the most vocal 'shill' army out of any cryptocurrency that I know of... Although, perhaps maybe the early days of Verge (XVG) come close. To be honest, I think it's safe to assume it's probably a lot of the same people.

Ripple XRP is a real-time settlement, exchange and remittance network created by Ripple Labs Inc. Ripple purports to enable "secure, instantly and nearly free global financial transactions of any size with no chargebacks." At least that was their goal when the Ripple XRP project was originally announced on the Bitcoin forums some years ago and then released in 2012.

Immediately, people started to raise what they thought were 'red flags' about the project and some of its aspects. Many people have pointed at the fact that you could not mine Ripple XRP. But regardless of that, even if you could mine it, Ripple's XRP was already all pre-mined from the start and the majority of the tokens were (and still are) held by Ripple Labs to sell whenever they want.

The retail investors were all drawn in, with the premise of XRP supposedly working with the global banking system to use their XRP token (also known as XRapid) for fast and low cost international remittances.

Since then, Ripple managed to claw its way from fractions of a penny, to over $3.20 during the market bull-run of 2017. It now stands at third place on CoinMarketCap with a total market capitalization of over $13 Billion dollars.

Since 2017, just like much of the crypto market, XRP has seen some significant losses. Currently trading at $0.32, XRP is only a small percentage of its all-time-high value but its hardcore shill-base is still strong. Even though, the only banks Ripple has partnered up with to use their XRP tokens, so far are still only inside the imaginations of those same XRP bag holders.

That is not so say Ripple has not has some successes since it's inception, if you dont consider being in the top 3 cryptos by market capitalization an achievement that is (which I dont). Ripple has partnered up with Western Union to trial run some of their other protocols, as well as the XRP token for remittance payments. Ripple also had some financial institutions try out some of Ripple Labs' other non-XRP related products.  Just recently, XRP has even been added as a base pair to several cryptocurrency exchanges. 

However, those initial red flags have not been lowered. There are still some crucially important issues to XRP's long term survivability.

Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan Chase, perhaps more infamously known in the crypto realm for his Bitcoin bashing, has not only announced plans to do the same exact thing that Ripple is doing with XRapid but already brought on over a hundred banks to use their new system. Something that after a few years, Ripple still is unable to pull off.

I am not sure why any of the so-called XRP 'bag holders' thought that the global banking system cartel would pay Ripple (an outsider) to transfer something they essentially have free monopolistic reign with. That was to me, preposterous. You can check out JP Morgan Chase investor presentation and read more in-depth about Jamie's new scamcoin for yourself if you so desire. Trust me, it's not anything groundbreaking.

Secondly, there is that other red-flag. Securities Law. Because Mr.Garlinghouse's company Ripple Labs owns the bulk of the XRapid (XRP) token holdings and due to the fact that you can't mine it, this makes XRP an extremely centralized token. But hey, that's the nature of being a token, they are certainly not a blockchain like Bitcoin. Speaking of which, it's main creator Dr.Craig S. Wright has spoken on this issue several times with intense clarity in many of his tweets on the topic..

The bottom line is that Ripple is swimming with the bank cartel sharks now. The Big Boys. They can easily leverage their assets in legislative government and regulatory agencies to come down on Ripple Labs and their centralized XRP experiment and punish them using US Securities Law. JP Morgan Chase would continue to do business within its inner banking circle and its crypto product would be the industry standard, facing no competition from Ripple or its XRapid product. Don't think it can happen? Think again.