There never seems to be a dull moment in the workings of the 'crypto-sphere' and the 'twitter-verse'. In the latest round of controversy, Dr.Wright's twitter profile had been deleted unexpectedly and has not been restored since.

There had been much controversy, inflated exponentially to new levels of stupid, since that day BitcoinCash forked away from the original Bitcoin protocol. In this most recent round of crypto gossip, just before the profile deletion, Dr.Wright was combatting twitter bot accounts. These bot accounts have copied his twitter feed across numerous profiles. Dr.Wright then put everyone on notice with a 'Copyright' piece, that he posted on his Medium blog. This post mentioned twitter by name.

Speaking of Twitter, their CEO Jack Dorsey (@jack) is actually pretty heavily invested in the Bitcoin Core (BTC) and its second layer 'Lightning Network' side-chain, due to the fact that he is also the CEO of Square. This makes his investments completely contrarian in direction to those of Dr.Wright, nChain and the Bitcoin SV project. 

The reason why this may be important is because right before Dr.Craig S. Wright's twitter profile dropped off, Dr.Wright had allegedly made the following comment which caused some to think that Jack Dorsey may have gotten his panties in a bunch (although I couldn't verify this directly);

I have also speculated that this may have had something to do with a planned copyright and libel case to be filed shortly. I suspected that Dr.Wright may have deleted his own twitter profile although later reports do indeed seem to confirm the worst. That twitter booted him off the platform. You scared @jack?

 His Medium account's latest post entitled 'Free Speech' talks about the brainless name calling and ad-hominem attacks, which come mostly from Bitcoin Core (BTC) Zombies. Who, by the way, are unfortunately going to get 'rekt' if they don't escape the echo-chamber and start thinking for themselves. Dr.Wright writes:

The people within Twitter are criminals.
It’s very simple; no terms of service, especially those that leave the rights of the copy holder with the product, allow for the intentional bypass of security controls. Twitter has a number of privacy controls. They are designed to allow private communication. Intentionally allowing people to set up bots designed to bypass the security controls is a crime.

 It looks as if Dr.Wright is done playing Mr.Nice guy (I know some of you may just've had a laugh at the 'nice guy' title). Now, with Dr.Wright off twitter and working to put some people in their place, should make a few people nervous. For everyone else, particularly in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community, this is exciting stuff. Like I said in the opening paragraph, there is never a dull moment in the crypto space. 

UPDATE: Watch this interview with Dr.Wright which was uploaded a few hour ago...