Bottle is a brand new type of browser application that can browse through the data of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.  This is something BTC was capable of in the very beginning but that capability was killed off, along with the block size and its growth potential. Bottle is another amazing release by the mysterious Bitcoin developer who goes by the name @_unwriter on twitter. 

Bottle is essentially the future. The tool to take us further into the Satoshi Vision of having Bitcoin replace the internet. This is a major step in that process. Unlike your standard web-browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google's Chrome, Bottle does not use the HTTP protocol (although you can surf the web with it too, that is not its' primary function). In fact it does not communicate with web servers at all. It instead, reads the Bitcoin SV blockchain for the data. 

The Bottle web addresses begin with B:// or C:// (which denote the protocol type) and are followed up by the Bitcoin (BSV) Transaction ID. More protocol type can be added in the future. The typed Bottle address look something like this...

Because of Bitcoin's innate ability to store data in its' transactions, applications such as Bottle, that browse that stored data, can be possible. In fact, if you have already downloaded the Bottle browser, you can go ahead and give that link a click or copy and paste into the Bottle browser's address bar. The target of that link is a file that contains code. In this case it is a mix of CSS and HTML. But this can be any type of file. 

What this means is, in the near future things such as Denial of Service attacks will be a thing of the past since the data is decentralized on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Services with important public facing APIs will no longer go down.  You can have all the bits and pieces to a website existing on-chain and they essentially would not need a web server. They would still be accessible 24/7 any day, any time, forever.

Another interesting point is that all the data uploaded to the chain is immutable. A fancy word that in essence means, it's indestructible and it will be there forever. Remember all of those instances when people in prominent positions go on to delete all incriminating material from public view? Well, that will no longer be possible with this technology. If that is, in the future they will still be dumb enough to upload incriminating material to the blockchain in the first place. But then again, there will always be the type of person like Hillary Clinton, so maybe.

Other potential use cases are limitless. Artists and content creators can upload their works to the blockchain and get paid for downloads. The age of third parties and middle-men is fast coming to an end. Bitcoin (BSV) will cut out the parasites and enable anyone to have control over their own creative work and its' distribution. But I am still just thinking small here, Bitcoin is capable of some world changing things.

I also imagine there will soon be indexing services built on top of Bitcoin, that will index the giant labyrinth of data linkages and file associations. The potential is seriously so big that most people's imaginations (including mine) simply do not do it justice. 

But before all of that happens, there are some more issues to resolve in order to make this browser a bit more user-friendly. As it sits now, it is more of a toy for nerds, like myself, than something my family would use on a daily basis. 

For example, the use of transaction IDs as addresses. The transaction IDs are random numbers and letters and there would need be some type of a 'BitDNS' service, which can translate the complex transaction ID's to something a bit more simple to retain in the brain and easier to remember. Something along the lines of B://becausebitcoin.bit. 

Plus we would also need a way to index all of the data, along with a way to tell which files are related, newer versions of the same or simply came from the same source. This is all just a little too new at the moment but logically that is where I am assuming this will go next. The developers for BSV are amazing people who can see incredible ways to utilize this amazing piece of tech called the Bitcoin SV blockchain. So, we will have to wait and see what they have cooking next.