Bitcoin SV and CoinGeek are planning very big things for the future of the Bitcoin digital ecosystem. Aside from the recently announced CoinGeek conference in Toronto, Bitcoin SV's MetaNet ICU arm of the BSV project is going to hold a special online seminar for application developers, web developers and anyone specializing in the dev-ops area of expertise. 

The online seminar will take place on the 30th of this month (March), which is a Saturday. The point of the seminar is to introduce developers to the programming standards and the unlimited possibilities of Bitcoin SV. Information on how to get started and where to find various code repositories and archives will be provided to the developers. A brief intro into 'op_return' and other Bitcoin blockchain features that have been stripped out by the Bitcoin Core (BTC) devs but have since been restored by the Bitcoin SV (BSV - 'Satoshi Vision') team to bring back the Bitcoin protocol to its intended original state. 

The seminar will be hosted by Brendan Lee and Connor Mattson. You may have heard Brendan Lee several times on 'The Bitcoin SV Channel' on the platform YouTube. If you are indeed a developer and interested in learning how to start creating applications using the Bitcoin blockchain, this is a great opportunity. 

Slots are extremely limited. You have to be a MetaNet ICU community member to participate because registration is restricted to Diamond or Gold ICU members but special access can be granted to Developer Sandbox members. There are 100 slots available to MetaNet ICU members.

Becoming a member this is very easy to do by making a small donation on their website. However, it is NOT necessary. There are 50 slots available for non-members  in addition to the main 100 member slots. These 50 are reserved for developers who are curious about Bitcoin SV but have not used it or have been exposed to it previously.

The MetaNet team ask people to please only reserve a slot if you are truly a developer with skills. Traders hoping to get some sort of insight will be wasting their time, as nothing in this seminar session will be of use to any fundamental analysis for trading. 

So to sum it all up, you will need or recommended to have the following: 

If you have questions you can give Brendan a tweet. His username on Twitter is @coinstorageguru