UPDATE: Reports say Tim Draper has pulled out of the conference, citing his thinking it was a Bitcoin Core (BTC) conference. My view on this IF true, is that this man is not stupid and people of his standing do not make public mistakes like this. More likely than not (just my opinion), that he agreed and then pulled out on purpose to cause bad publicity. They are all scared their investments will vaporize if Bitcoin SV succeeds. They know damn well what BSV is and what it can do. 

The crypto 'twittervesre' is alight with fanfare and jubilee as CoinGeek announces Tim Draper as their conference speaker at the next Toronto conference in May of 2019. Tim Draper is widely known in the crypto space as one of the early billionaire investors in Bitcoin (BTC). Tim Draper's opinions and expertise are highly valued in the cryptocurrency space by both investors and businesses.

Since the so-called 'un-fuckening' of the Bitcoin protocol (a term used by the Bitcoin SV community to refer to the restoration of the original Bitcoin protocol) more and more people have been defecting from the Bitcoin Core (BTC) community and firmly planting themselves in the Bitcoin Purist category with the Bitcoin SV (BSV) community. 

Tim Draper is the latest such example, a very high profile example as well. But (unsurprisingly) he is not and won't be, the only one to do so. High profile developers have started defecting in droves from BTC and BCH. The power of 'op_return' is really far reaching it seems. Also noteworthy, such social media influencers such as Kevin Pham, who some would have even called a BTC Extremist, also joined the rapidly growing BSV community.

If you haven't already, you too should come be a part of something truly special. Try Bitcoin SV for yourself. Try the HandCash wallet. Check out the web application being built on top of the blockchain. It is truly what BTC was supposed to have been but never blossomed into. Now we have another chance to show the world what Bitcoin can do and the power that can be unleashed from its' technology.