The Bitcoin developer _unwriter creates another little nugget of genius. Called 'BASCIIAT' His new Bitcoin application allows anyone to upload and convert any image into ASCII art and upload it for permanent storage on the Bitcoin blockchain. Keep in mind, this is ONLY doable on the SV variant of the Bitcoin blockchain. The other versions of the Bitcoin protocol do not support the op_return portion of the Bitcoin protocol and have a limit on the block size, hence neutering the potential of the original Bitcoin protocol.

Sure, some of you may say it's only ASCII, what the big deal? The big deal is, that these applications are simply the trigger for a spark of creativity, something to ignite the imagination of developers and a tiny demonstrator of what can be achieved. THEY will spark the curiosity of other developers to see what they can do on-chain. Surely, the BCH and BitcoinCore world must be getting boring for developers. There is a whole new MetaNet world of Bitcoin applications rising from the ashes of Bitcoin Core developer's dreams like the Phoenix.

I am so excited and welcome that new world of BitcoinSV with open arms.