The massive developments are coming so fast now, that it is too much for one person to keep up with. The world of the Bitcoin blockchain, unleashed, is incredible. is the newest such service to take advantage of the full, uncapped Bitcoin protocol running under the Bitcoin SV name (or BSV). is your blockchain identity center, where you can get your own profile on the BitcoinSV blockchain. 

Be an early adopter and try it out now. In fact, there is some cool topics being talked about on there, definitely worth a look. Bitcoin SV has restored the original Bitcoin protocol less than 3 months ago and we already have the block sizes and block usage is increasing because developers are building at a fierce pace. 

Can't wait to see what gets announced next. At some point the rest of the crypto space will realize what has been achieved by the Bitcoin SV team and join the first developers to make the switch to developing application for the global economy on the SV blockchain.