Consistent with its previous statements, the London based digital asset exchange has now started full-time Bitcoin SV (BSV) exchanges on its cryptocurrency trading platform. 

Viable February 19, clients can begin saving, exchanging and withdrawals with BSV on exchange. As far back as September, Voltaire has been firm in its conviction of Satoshi's & Bitcoin SV's unique vision of a "shared electronic money." But in light of the fact that it holds fast to the Nakamoto Consensus to help the longest confirmation of work, Voltaire gave the Bitcoin Cash ticker to the ABC group, which took an early lead amid the November hard fork because of a burst of leased hash influence. This brought about Voltaire turning into a Bitcoin Core (BTC) to BCHABC trade solely. 

Presently Voltaire is proclaiming another time, and it's everything because of the "gigantic interest from clients." 

Voltaire clients holding BCH at the season of the November hard fork will get a BSV likeness their coins, as indicated by the trade. Also, clients can pull back BSV to their HandCash handle—an element that Voltaire would like to extend soon "to permit stores by means of HandCash in a joint effort with the HandCash group." 

“The release of our BSV/BCH market marks the beginning of a new era for Voltaire” it's founder Semyon Germanovich said in an announcement.“We’re offering a wider set of products and liquidity targeted at veteran cryptocurrency proponents interested in the benefits offered by blockchains choosing to scale on-chain.”

The Voltaire organizer recognized BSV system's devotion to reestablish the first Bitcoin convention and keep it stable all while enabling it to hugely scale and protect security vital to help moment exchanges for shippers, saying the blockchain offers

“significantly lower transaction fees and faster transaction processing times, as well as maintaining the required infrastructure for 0-confirmation deposits and hence faster trading, something at the core of our product focus.”

Including BSV lays the preparation for new highlights and upgraded exchanging background on the Voltaire stage. The trade is planned to dispatch a referral plot and the Voltaire Cashback program in the second quarter of 2019. There are likewise plans to include Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) trading later on.