Just released today, another beautiful package of beta code by a developer named Attila Aros (@AttilaAros). This library will allow anyone to create and manage (non-fungible) digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has many types of use cases such as the creation of unique art, ebooks, media and more. The ability to transfer ownership of limited edition items to other users. Digital Titles - create any kind of item that benefits from ownership. You can build Crypto Kitties or any other kind of digital property. This is ONLY available on the BitcoinSV blockchain, since the core version known by it's symbol BTC does not allow for applications to run it's 
SegWit2x version of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Big Thanks to 
Attila Aros for using Bitcoin SV to BUIDL!

Where Can I Find 'BitcoinAssetJS'?

Check out https://www.npmjs.com/package/bitcoinassetjs