BitDiary on Bitcoin (sv) Blockchain

More developments from the hardworking blockchain developers, collaborating over at MetaNet. Check out BitDiary! You can now create your own private diary or create secure documents (as secure as a Bitcoin), that you can share with people you trust. Those people can use a key to un-encrypt and view the document.BitDiary is an on-chain diary following Bitcoin Application Data (B://) and powered by BitDB. The protocol method used in this application is also covered by Patent 42 that can only be used on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain.

Your diary is encrypted in AES256 that cannot be decrypted without Entry Key or Identity Key. Your Entry Key can be safely shared with the people.  All diaries are obfuscated with the Entry Key derived using your Identity Key. So no one can decrypt it or even find it unless you share entry key with them.

When a diary 'transaction' is made in this app, it's made using MoneyButton (a really amazing embeddable widget anyone can use to facilitate a payment on a website), which will encourage developer developing more MetaNet app.