Who needs the lightning network and Ethereum when you have Bitcoin? The Bitcoin SV fork which took place at the very end of 2018 restored the original Bitcoin protocol and allowed for the return of 'OP Codes'. Developers from around the world are now building amazing new applications on the Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision or BSV for short) blockchain. 

The SV blockchain already allows for micro-transactions, something that is demonstrated almost daily on "The Bitcoin SV Channel" on YouTube. And with the re-enabling of op_return, developers have been building 'dApps' natively the Bitcoin itself. So I'll ask again, who needs the lightning network and Ethereum when you have Bitcoin? 

Andrew N (he goes by @adnjoo on telegram) is another amazing developer. He has demonstrated these two aspects of Bitcoin SV in his new online chess game. In his "Chess on SV! 0.10" game (which works on the blockchain) players challenge each other in a game of chess and will soon allow people to play each other for Bitcoin SV. 

This is something that is impossible to do with Bitcoin Core (BTC) or BitcoinCash (BCH) simply because they have strayed away from the original bitcoin protocol. The small block sizes, long propagation times and the lack of the 'op_return' function altogether make developing anything on the blockchain extremely limited. 

Keep in mind that Bitcoin SV fork of the Bitcoin protocol has only existed for a few months and yet, we already have all of these thought provoking and inspiring applications running on the blockchain. The future sure looks bright for Bitcoin SV.