This is one of the biggest games to be released in the cryptocurrency arena. A collaboration between Bitcoin SV & Enjin, called 'Crypto Fights' this game makes Crypto Kitties look like a DOS command line window in comparison. The recently released trailer shows a well designed game with good graphics that follows the RPG gameplay format. Here is the trailer below.


At its core, CryptoFights is a 1 vs 1 turn based fighting game. Imagine a turn based street fighter, but with weapons and armor that you can change to outmatch your opponent. New players start as a low level fighter and must win matches to earn XP and gold. XP can then be used to level up their fighter making them stronger with more ability points to allocate.

Gold can be used to buy new weapons and armor from the marketplace to give your fighter the edge it needs. As your fighter levels up, you will enter new arenas to battle, getting you higher level rewards. The game items that you can purchase are bought using cryptocurrency. 

The game is currently using Ethereum for their smart contracts but are saying are making a switch over to using Bitcoin SV, the real bitcoin. 

Originally, Bitcoin's native scripting language allowed anyone to create their own smart-contract, right there on the Bitcoin blockchain before it was taken out and blocks capped by the BTC team essentially making something new that is not the original Bitcoin protocol as per the whitepaper.